Who: Richard(author), Tim, and John

What: Camping and Hiking

When: February, 2004

Where: Desoto State Park, AL
We arrived just in time to check into a camp site and start a fire. It got cold enough for snow to stick, but we were comfortable in the popup using two small space heaters. Tim and John used sleeping bags while I slept under two blankets. We got in some hiking the next day, some short trails with small waterfalls. John had to head back early, so Tim and I drove over to Little River Canyon to take in the sites. This was the first trip for the popup. With Tim's help, I have since replaced a lift cable and made some adjustments.

Tim and John by the fire.

Popup getting snowed on.

Tim and John in sleeping bags.

Richard under blankets.

My truck with a layer of snow.

John's Jeep with snow on it.

Tim testing the temperature.

Packing up.

Desoto had a couple of small waterfalls.

Another view.

The other waterfall.

It was cold enough for ice.

Tim found a good use for ice.

That's not a knife.(think Crocodile Dundee)

Tim next to the waterfall.

Shot of the waterfall.

Little River Canyon sign.

View from lookout.

Some guys kayaking. (Didn't it snow?)

Tim at the lookout.

A smaller waterfall at Little River Canyon.

My truck and popup.