Who: Richard(author), Tim, John, Trey, and Jeremy

What: Backpacking

When: August, 2005

Where: Great Smoky Mountains, TN

Weather: (high/low)
Friday       91 / 72
Saturday    91 / 73
Sunday      93 / 73

        This was our furthest trip yet.(~ 8 hours drive time) Since we had five people, we took the Suburban. It worked out pretty well and gas split 5 ways wasn't too bad. We hiked about 6 miles each day. Jeremy had a little trouble keeping up, partly due to his poor footwear. I think he now knows why good equipment is key to an enjoyable trip. I tried my new Byer hammock, which worked pretty good, with a sil-nylon tarp. Jeremy used my REI Half Dome. Tim used his Hennessey hammock. Trey used some sort of jungle hammock. And John used his MSR Zoid. We saw bear droppings on three different occasions, but no bears. Jeremy had a little trouble at a water crossing and ended up hiking about 2.5 miles with wet feet.

Tile sculpture at the Tennessee rest stop.

The Suburban.

The walk from the parking lot to the trail head.

Jeremy at the trail head.

The first of many water crossing.

Already being left behind.

Hen Wallow Falls.

Another shot of the falls.

A good perspective shot of the falls.

The water was cold but refreshing.

Everyone took off their shoes to enjoy the water.

Nice shot looking away from the falls.

Here's some weird fungus.

Jeremy found this salamander at a water crossing.

We played cards on the first night.

Jeremy used my REI Half Dome and John used his MSR Zoid.

Here's my sleeping setup.

At this angle, you can see the 1lb. Byer hammock.

Trey's military jungle hammock.

Tim's hammock; he swapped with John on the second night.

Both camp sites had bear bag lines.

Jeremy getting further behind.

More fungus around a tree off the trail.

This fungus looked like a wax flower.

Cooling off at one of the water crossings.

Jeremy thought something was wrong with his boot.

Jeremy's insole was shot and metal was showing.

The metal ripped his sock and caused a nasty blister.

Another water crossing.

This one had a nice log you could cross on.

Old dead tree with a 2ft wide by 3ft high hole.

This was taken right before Jeremy fell in the water.

Tim seemed to enjoy his Buzz Lightyear chair.

Trey trying to figure out his camera.(BTW, I want those pics.)

Snake Den Trail sign. All downhill from here.

The brush made it almost impossible to see the mountain sides.

Last break.

There was a small graveyard right off the trail.