Who: Richard(au), Tim, John, Zach, and Donald

What: Backpacking/Camping

When: February 2 & 3 2008

Where: Sipsey Wildernes Area, AL

Weather: (high/low)
Saturday    57 / 28
Sunday      52 / 37

        We decided to do a short trip in Sipsey to enjoy the mild winter with a nice fire. We were supposed to start at parking lot and follow Thompson Creek for about a mile, but ended up bushwacking and back tracking a little. We camped along the bottom of a decent size bluff in a site that was already well used. There was a nice fire ring and plenty of wood around. Donald and Zach ate hotdogs/redhots cooked over the fire, while John and I ate dehydrated meals. Tim cooked a dehydrated meal but only ate a bite or two; we once again learn not to buy Backpacker Pantry brand products. Tim set up a fly over him, John slept under part of the bluff, Donald used my REI halfdome, I used my REI Roadster and Zach slept under the stars.

Bridge over Thompson Creek right before the trail head.

Shot of Thompson Creek from the bridge.

We found a nice overhang with a small waterfall.

Another shot of the overhang with Richard in the foreground.

Shot Donald got of the fall.

After some backtracking, we found the bluff we were looking for.

First things first; start the fire.

Zach gathering wood.

Donald and Zach cooked dogs over the fire.

Donald cooking hotdogs over the fire.

John boiling water for his dinner.

Zach setting up his sleeping arrangement.

Sleeping under the stars.

Donald and Richard used tents.

Tim set up his hammock tarp and used his bivy.

John also used his bivy but slept under the bluff.

Shot of the fire; we used an existing fire ring.

Tree Zach and I jumped on.

I couldn't sleep so I got the fire going at first light.

Zach decided to get warm his own way.

The tree got caught on another tree on it's way down.

Tim was trying his hardest to pull the tree on top of him.

You might want to back up.

Zach just had to finish it off.

Here's the sign we missed yesterday.

And we're done.