Who: Richard(author), Tim, John, and Trey

What: Backpacking turned bushwhacking

When: December, 2004

Where: Sipsey Wilderness Area, AL

Weather: (high/low)
Friday       54 / 28
Saturday    57 / 27
Sunday      43 / 19

        Hurricane Ivan did not pass this place untouched. There are downed trees everywhere. (lots of firewood!) We used several trees to cross the Sipsey, which was noticeably wider than in August. Tim and John walked across the trees, while Trey and I decided to scoot and crawl. Tim and John brought their Gameboys for some fireside Zelda. John made himself a very interesting latrine (ask him about it). I got dehydrated on Sunday morning, maybe even a little heat exhaustion.

Overall, we had a good time and no one lost their ring!

Getting ready to hit the trail.

Some work has been done clearing trails near the entrance.

Picture taken in August 04.

Example of all of the blow-down.

Tim on the first of many tree crossings.

John crossing.

Trey and I preferred to crawl across.

Gameboy by the fire.

Breaking down camp Saturday morning.

Yeah, we crossed the river using this tree.

John on tree crossing.

Perspective shot - pretty high up.

Small white water on the Sipsey River.

Some more white water.

Slow portion of the Sipsey River.

Trey, John, and Tim at the big tree.

The waterfall at the big tree.

John at the waterfall.

Another view of the waterfall.

Yet another water crossing.