Mummification Experiment

Last week we were studying Egyptian Mummies, and I found some interesting options for science experiments. The first option was to mummify a chicken, and I was grossed out by that. The next option was to mummify a barbie, but I was afraid that would scar Caitlyn! So…. I settled on the mummification of apples experiment. Caitlyn loves science experiments almost as much as she loves art projects, and this was our most complex project yet so she was thrilled.


  • 10 apple slices
  • gauze
  • sugar
  • salt
  • vinegar
  • baking soda
  • clear cups

After gathering our supplies, I labeled all our cups with what was going to go inside. We had the following:

  • Control – Apple only
  • Control – Apple wrapped in gauze only
  • Apple with Salt
  • Apple wrapped in gauze with Salt
  • Apple with Sugar
  • Apple wrapped in gauze with Sugar
  • Apple with Vinegar
  • Apple wrapped in gauze with Vinegar
  • Apple with Baking Soda
  • Apple wrapped in gauze with Baking Soda


Then, we sliced the apples and covered half of them in gauze. Caitlyn thought this part was fun. We put an apple slice in each cup, and covered it with the appropriate preservative.


After seeing all the preservatives Caitlyn hypothesized that the gauze covered with baking soda would be preserved the best. The finished cups then went into storage for a week.

After a week we took our experiment outside to find our results. Here is Caitlyn describing her hypothesis.

We started with the baking soda gauze wrapped apple since that was Caitlyn’s choice, here it is on video. Unfortunately after that I switched from video to picture accidentally so I missed her really cute summary of the findings.

It was interesting finding the crystallized sugar, and testing the textures of the different apples.

In the end, Caitlyn observed that the gauze covered apples were less preserved than the uncovered apples because the gauze held the moisture in. The vinegar was the worst preservative with the baking soda not far behind. The sugar and salt apples were slightly shriveled but looked fresh otherwise.

As Caitlyn said in the video I lost, “Thanks for learning with us!”

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