All About Caitlyn – 5th Grade Version

One of our back to school traditions is having Caitlyn complete an all about me worksheet. These were Caitlyn’s answers this year.

Activity: Horseback Riding and Baton


Favorite Place: Beach

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Song: Ride by 21 Pilots

Movie: Moana

Favorite Book to Read: Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo

Favorite Subject in School: Reading

Favorite Food: Pizza or Mac and Cheese

Drink: Apple Juice

Favorite Animal: Orca

Best Friend: Sarah Day

Game: 7 Wonders

Toy: My Phone

Time of Day: 1:00 PM

Holiday: Christmas

When I grow up I want to be an: Author

We also did a new sheet this year, Caitlyn by the numbers. She really enjoyed this, surprisingly. 

Going clockwise around:

946 books read (on her Goodreads Account)

4ft 1.5 in tall

3 favorite animals

6 states she has been to

1 teacher

10 years old

2 years of having Leia

5th grade

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