Incredible Benefits of Horseback Riding

From this sweet scared little girl to this capable confident young lady.

I know several years have passed, and she has literally grown up. However, she has also grown so much from this experience. It has become so much more than an activity. The horseback lessons themselves have taught Caitlyn the value of hard work, even dirty work you don’t like. It has taught her to put something else’s needs in front of her own. It has given her poise and confidence.

She has also made two incredible little friends, who she lovingly refers to as her minions. She has had the opportunity to help them with their horseback lessons, read to them, and teach them little things. It’s good for her to have someone younger than her to be an example for.

Plus, Ms Michelle often generously and amazingly includes Caitlyn in fantastic activities. We have baked candy corn and horse treats. I can’t even count the arts and crafts activities. Michelle is an artist, and she does such a great job explaining the projects and concepts. Which is fantastic, because Caitlyn loves art and I stink at it!

This is now her happy place.

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