I have a Kindergartener!!!

Week one of Kindergarten is complete!
Cricket and I had a fabulous first week of school. She was so excited to get back into a school routine, and the excitement and enthusiasm haven’t ebbed yet. She was even asking for more school than we did almost every single day. I can only pray to maintain this through out the year. 
First day of School:
On the first day of school, Cricket dressed up and I took pictures of my big girl. Here is her special hair do. 

We also completed this list of her favorite things. I am so glad we did. I am holding onto her sweet little girl answers; realistically how much longer can I keep her favorite song as the “ABC song”.

Daily Routine:
I kept the same main daily board as last year, as Cricket enjoyed it and we are still working on some of the concepts.
I also added in a few notebook pages including a number of the day worksheet
One of the things that I added that Cricket really enjoyed was making words from a larger words. We worked from Triceratops all week long, since we were also studying dinosaurs. I was surprised by how much Cricket looked forward to this, and really thought about it even outside of the school room. We ended up with 76 words, and she was quite proud of that.
As I just said, our theme this week was dinosaurs, per Cricket’s request. We also learned about archaeologists, and their work. Cricket loved excavating the Triceratops bones from the “egg”, I however did not enjoy attempting to assemble the tiny flimsy bones. 
The point of this activity was a shadow match, but I was really impressed by how well Cricket did on the cutting. She really took her time and did an excellent job. 
She also easily completed this Melissa and Doug floor puzzle. 
Cricket, and her stuffed animal, spent a little time playing with the sensory box I had provided her. She enjoyed naming the dinosaurs and making roaring and stomping sounds though. 

Cricket reviewed her memory verse all week, and almost had it memorized by Friday. I was impressed by her effort to work on it though. She even insisted on copying it down herself one day. I am really looking forward to diving into Raising Rock Stars again next week, and I think she will do quite well based on this week.
Reading and Writing:
Cricket and I reviewed her existing word wall through out the week, and progressed on her consistency. 
She also worked on reading a short a book through out the week by: listening to her Tag reader; reading with assistance from it and me; reading independently; and reading to her baby.
For our read aloud time we began reading The Trumpet of the Swans. Cricket chose this because she so enjoyed our last book by E. B. White.
I also decided to get Cricket started after notebooking, after reading the posts here. Our first notebook entry was on Blue from Rio. We will work towards more writing by her as the year progresses.
I actually did more math than I had planned this week. Cricket did 2 lessons in her Horizon Kindergarten book. We also covered counting by 2s and 5s. She also did tons of addition and subtraction on paper and in her head; this is just something that gets thrown in all day long as well as into whatever else we are working on in school.
I had several beautiful and interesting dinosaur prints and Cricket enjoyed working on them through out the week. She used watercolor, pastels, and metallic paint. 
Cricket finished up her summer gymnastic and swimming lessons this week. She is not quite where I hoped she would be as far as her swimming ability, so I signed her up for a couple of additional lessons next week. 
She also began her typing lessons, after much begging and pleading. She did better than I expected her to, but she still has room for LOTS of improvement.
I think that about wraps up week one.

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