Three weeks of Kindergarten in the books

Finding a groove
School seems to be rolling along. I am very glad that we have two years under our belt already, before starting “real” school this year. Cricket is already use to and loves me being her teacher. She understands what is expected of her, and the only issue we are really struggling with is retention…
Daddy comes homes and asks her what she learned that day, and she goes completely blank. I don’t know if she really can’t remember, if she is freezing in the moment, or what the issue is but we are working on it.
Daily Routine:

Cricket is bringing a baby with her to school more and more frequently. This is so she can be the teacher. It’s great to hear her “teaching” and it’s excellent for reinforcement of what we are learning.

Reading and Writing:
We continued the same Word Wall system, and did a few new activities this week.

She popped the word (written on bubble wrap), and did a write, stamp, decorate page.


We started a new theme this week, and Cricket was pleasantly surprised….LEGOS!
I used several resources from 1+1+1=1, including these I am sentences.

I also made a collection of Lego challenges for Cricket to work on, and the first day she pulled Monochromatic.

So her is her all green masterpiece:

Can you tell what she created?


Week two of Raising Rock Stars; the memory verse this week was:
In our work this week Cricket colored our verse display, reviewed it daily, traced the verse, arranged the words from the verse, and discussed what it meant. She struggled significantly more with memorizing this verse, but by the end of the week she could do it. 

We finally finished workbook 1 of Horizon K. 

I’m hoping some new concepts will be introduced soon, so that Cricket regains interest. I might have to skip ahead, if it doesn’t.


Cricket is very interested in experiments (or “experiences” as she keeps saying). So, I did two simple/unplanned experiments this week. I choose color based experiments to reinforce what we have been learning in art. The first was one was this great color water travel experiment that I saw here

We actually went through the scientific process on this one, and discussed what we thought would happen, observed the change, and discussed why it happened.

The second experiment was what should have been a simple discovery bottle. This project almost got scrapped, but once I figured out how to hold the shaving cream and actually get it into the bottle instead of all collecting in it’s mouth it was saved. Cricket really enjoyed mixing the bottle and watching the colors separate over and over again, so I’m glad I made it work.

This week we journeyed to Thailand via Expedition Earth. Cricket was so excited to be learning about countries again, and I think she jumped for joy on Wednesday when I pulled out the animal cards!

We continued to the next lesson from Pineapple Paintbrush regarding color tones. Cricket used pastels to fill in the color sheet, and enjoyed smoothing them for the first time.
When she was done, we cut it, and folded it. Then you could look at it from the end and see either the cool colors or warm colors. 


Cricket did well on her test once again. She aced the written part; writing all five of her words for the week.

She also did very well on her oral exam. She only missed one question overall. Cricket couldn’t remember the continent we are studying. Luckily we have a few more weeks there, so maybe next week will be easier. 


Cricket really wanted to put on a puppet show for her dad. So, she developed a story, and worked on perfecting it. She is getting much better at holding the puppets and moving them in meaningful ways. She also told a good story when all was said and done!


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