Christmas Bucket List

1. Decorate 
3. Buy Presents 
4. Read Nativity Story and Set Ours Up 5. Felt Tree 
6. Make Ornaments (Maybe this or this)
7. Angel Tree 
8. Zoo Lights 
9. Movie Night 
10. Make a Present 
11. Picture with Santa 
12. Wrap Presents 
13. Send a Package to a Loved One 
14. “Camp” by the Christmas tree 
15. Make Fudge 
16. Drive Around to Look at Lights 
18. Bake Cookies 
19. Donate to a Bell Ringer 
20. Ballet Recital 
21. Gingerbread House 
22. Listen to Christmas Music 
23. Watch Home Movies 
24. Make Birthday Cake for Baby Jesus 25. Open 1 Present on Christmas Eve
I am SO excited about Christmas!!! I can’t wait to do these activities with Cricket. 

Egypt Books and More


To go with Expedition Earth for Egypt:

Prince of Egypt: Dreamworks Classics Collection – This was a little long for Cricket, and not a Magic Treehouse book. So I summarized once she started losing interest. 

The Mystery of King Karfu – This was a perfect book for Cricket. It had enough about Egypt to be meaningful, but was also a storybook. She loved all the clues and the way it allowed her to also be an investigator.

Ancient Egypt – This was an educational and factual library find, which Cricket had no interest in at all. 

Pleasure Books: 
Countdown to Thanksgiving – This book was a great math and seasonal add on. It reinforced the backwards counting we have been working on and Cricket enjoyed it. 

Dolphins at Daybreak (Magic Tree House, No. 9) – If you have been following our blog you probably already know that I have a huge Jack and Annie fan on my hands, but this was her favorite story yet. I think the kids riding on the dolphins pushed it over the edge! We have been talking about submarines and pretending to go undersea ever since we read this one.

Bedtime Books:

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Vacation
Curious George and the Dump Truck

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Thankful Tree, Egypt, and a great week

I think last week might have been our best school week so far this year. Cricket did really well with everything we worked on AND we actually made it to all of our classes: ballet, gymnastics, advanced gymnastics, and choir/bible study. Cricket even threw in a couple of impromptu puppet shows for me.

We moved forward with our work from 1+1+1=1 and Cricket was more responsive to reading attempts this week. I think that in part was thanks to our LeapFrog TAG Reading System

Cricket is still enjoying our Horizon Math program, we normally do four lessons a week. This week I also shared this add on worksheet about fractions and Cricket loved it. She insisted on coloring the pies orange though to make “Punkin” pies. 


Cricket really responded to our work on Egypt. I think introducing it along with the story of Moses really helped. We read and watched The Prince of Egypt together and she loved it. We also did an overall review of Africa, and incorporated our Tag Reader into this as well.

We have continued to track our weather everyday and graph it as well. This week we finally had variety in our weather and Cricket was very excited by that.

We have been working on our Thankfulness Tree all month and I am in love with how it turned out. Cricket has really enjoyed doing it too. She has a leaf for family members, a couple of friends, God, Jesus, and some of her favorite things. I tried to write them in her words and some of them are really cute.

We are very hopeful that we are back on track and have BIG plans for Christmas School!
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Books we won and more reading


To go with Expedition Earth for Africa:

The Village of Round and Square Houses – This was an interesting story about a villages beliefs and how and why their people are housed the way that they are. It also led to a discussion about our beliefs, since they were not worshiping as Christians.

Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions (Picture Puffin Books) – Cricket did not want to READ this entire book, but I read the headline for each letter. We discussed the pictures and I read more of the ones that she was interested in.

Pleasure Books: 
A Plump and Perky Turkey – This was a rhyming style Thanksgiving book and both Cricket and my husband thought it was silly (I’m not sure if they meant that as a positive or a negative though). 

Missing Mittens (MathStart 1) and Bug Dance (MathStart 1) – We won both of these books in the Curriculum Clean Out hosted by Homeschool Creations from the blogger troutwife. My daughter has really enjoyed these books and a highly recommend them for some basic math concepts and just a good book. Cricket really enjoyed the dance in Bug Dance!

Bedtime Books (That we haven’t already counted):

I’m No Turkey!

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Playing Catch Up

I am SUPER behind on well everything school related. Cricket and I took turns being sick for about three weeks total, and this threw a big ‘ole wrench in my school plans. We are literally about a month behind on actual work, and I’m about three weeks behind now on posting work that we have done. Since I’m playing catch up anyway I’m going to do two weeks in this post. These weeks were actually done around the end of October, hence the Halloween goodness you will see. Now, on with the show!

Cricket has been going through a little bit of an “I can’t do that” phase that includes reading. If we are playing a game or having reading fun she will read fine, but if I ask her to read something I get “I can’t read” without even a try. I am trying to regroup and explore reading in fun ways, and to deflate that defeatist attitude. She does still enjoy doing her words each day, maybe because she gets to walk around on the table to do it.

Cricket is progressing with her addition and doing a better job of performing simple calculations in her head.

We continued our study of Africa with Nigeria and Morocco. Cricket really enjoys coloring the flag each week, and discussing the language card. 

Her favorite part by far is the animals though. I had to re-arrange our boards this week, because so far we have had primarily mammals and I was running out of room.

Cricket did well with this sheet, but she was NOT a fan of exploring the pumpkin. She put her hand inside once and she was DONE. Other than that we had a great time with our pumpkins!
She absolutely loved making art with the pumpkin seeds. I had a really hard time getting the seeds to take color, but her sheer enjoyment made it worth while. 

Cricket played with these simple foam stickers for such a long time. She made this picture plus a bunch more. She also quickly got the hang of peeling the stickers by herself, which was great fine motor skill work. 
We are very hopeful that we are back on track and have BIG plans for Christmas School!
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