1st Day of School

I made a few small changes to our school room, but mostly I just cleaned and organized all of our resources.

Caitlyn was so excited she got up and insisted on doing a couple of subjects before we even had breakfast.

Learning to code, using SCRATCH, has been her favorite so far. She was also intrigued by our new daily notebook, which is in Spanish this year.

Overall we had a good start to 5th Grade:

All About Caitlyn – 5th Grade Version

One of our back to school traditions is having Caitlyn complete an all about me worksheet. These were Caitlyn’s answers this year.

Activity: Horseback Riding and Baton


Favorite Place: Beach

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Song: Ride by 21 Pilots

Movie: Moana

Favorite Book to Read: Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo

Favorite Subject in School: Reading

Favorite Food: Pizza or Mac and Cheese

Drink: Apple Juice

Favorite Animal: Orca

Best Friend: Sarah Day

Game: 7 Wonders

Toy: My Phone

Time of Day: 1:00 PM

Holiday: Christmas

When I grow up I want to be an: Author

We also did a new sheet this year, Caitlyn by the numbers. She really enjoyed this, surprisingly. 

Going clockwise around:

946 books read (on her Goodreads Account)

4ft 1.5 in tall

3 favorite animals

6 states she has been to

1 teacher

10 years old

2 years of having Leia

5th grade

5th Grade Curriculum

Here is an overview of our plan for this year.

  • Math – Teaching Textbooks 6
  • Language Arts – All About Spelling and joining a book club
  • Science – Apologia Zoology Flying Creatures
  • History – Story of the World Volume I Ancient History
  • PE – Horseback Riding, Baton, and exercise at home
  • Bible – Apologia Who Is God
  • Geography
  • Typing
  • Scratch Coding
  • Spanish

We will also continue writing and cursive handwriting work through the other subjects.