Lanark Field Trip

Our science curriculum for this year had a suggested activity of dissecting an owl pellet.

That wasn’t really something I wanted to do on our own or here at home, so I was excited when I saw the option to do it on a field trip. Caitlyn actually responded to and participated way better than I expected her to.

We found and identified rodent remains in our owl pellet.

Caitlyn enjoyed the other parts of the field trip more, which is saying a lot since we went on a hike to identify animal homes.


Back in the saddle again

Caitlyn is thrilled to be back to horseback riding. It really stretches her boundaries, with the horse care (she has to get dirty).

Caitlyn loves her time on the horse, and she is always really excited to tell Kahlo she did a good job and give her a treat.

She also really likes her teacher, and loves Kahlo.


Plus, this year there are two sweet new friends to play with afterwards.

Here is a video compilation of her second lesson back.