Christmas School 2014

We made snow again this year to play with. It was a great mini science experiment and she enjoyed it even more after we froze it for a little while, and she was able to actually pack it.

We also read Kirsten’s Surprise. This was our first American Girl’s Book and she loved it. In the book we learned about St Lucia’s Day. I wasn’t lighting candles and putting them on her head, but she did wear a pretty white dress and invite us to breakfast.

I was going to do Truth in the Tinsel again this year, and Caitlyn has requested that we do it again next year. We did a new advent study recommended by several friends, and lent to us by the Days.

It was called Jotham’s Journey, and Caitlyn wasn’t sold on it at first. The first night made her cry, and she asked to never read it again. I convinced her to give it another try, and she said that was fine if we read it during the day instead of at bedtime. We also talked about the fact that it was an advent study, so even though it may have ups and downs it was guaranteed to have a wonderful and happy ending. After a couple of days she was asking to hear the story, and we enjoyed it through to the end.

Finally we worked on our collection of Christmas puzzles. My favorite was this real cool round nutcracker puzzle that my mom got for us.


For the past couple of years Caitlyn and I have packed shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and taken them to the local drop off. This year I decided to sign us up to volunteer there as well. One of our sweet homeschool friends organized a day and time for a group of us to volunteer together.

After watching a brief video and getting some instructions we were ready to go. The process of sorting and counting boxes was easy enough that after a brief period I supervised and while Caitlyn worked independently with her friends.

She had  a really good time and we helped a great cause.