Christmas School – It’s my favorite

I love Christmas, I have always loved Christmas. The music, the decorations, the food, the family, and most of all the celebration of the Birth of Christ. I love that in our school we have the freedom and ability to study CHRISTmas, and focus on the reason for the season. Caitlyn never ceases to amaze me, but to hear her talking about the birth of Jesus and the celebration of Christmas fills my heart!

We worked on learning Away in a Manger all week. We used a variety of versions of the song, and this new Veggie Tales book I had purchased. Caitlyn also worked on coloring sheets for the Twelve Days of Christmas. As we went through those things Caitlyn did a good job recognizing the Christmas words she was working on. She also built them as shown below and spelled them out with stickers.

I also used the lesson plans from Truth in Tinsel again this year, while we enjoyed our new advent wreath, and put the ornaments from last year on her school room tree. I love how it tells the whole story of Christmas and not just, the birth of Jesus.

Caitlyn really loves the geography unit we are doing, so I am continuing it through Christmas and adding in Christmas traditions of the country we are studying. This week was France, Bon Jour.  One of the Christmas traditions in France is to decorate their trees with a variety of brightly colored stars, and Caitlyn chose to make pink and blue ones for her tree. She also thought it was really funny that the children in France leave their shoes out for Santa instead of a stocking.

I had picked up this Eiffel tower in Michael’s a long time ago, and Caitlyn had a ball painting it. She kept saying it required concentration to paint it though!

November Homeschool

I haven’t been very good at updating the blog, but that’s because school has been just more of the same. We continue to make progress in math, and we are finally making some progress in reading. Caitlyn is finally getting past her fear, and trying when she gets to a word she doesn’t recognize. She has really enjoyed the set of books, Animal Antics, and they continue to help with our reading efforts.

We are also almost finished with our geography study, and only have Europe left to go. Caitlyn still loves the animal part of the study best, and it has been a great science discussion as well, when we discuss classifications.

We didn’t complete a thankful tree this year, but Caitlyn and I both made lists of what we were thankful for. Besides her number one item of legos, it was all family and friends which was very sweet.

Our favorite November moment was going to see the play Peter Pan at the Birmingham Children’s Theater. We got to share it with my mom, and I was so impressed by how Caitlyn handled it. She really got into the story, and it was great to see her enjoy it so much.