Dolphins and Whales

Caitlyn and I have really been enjoying her science curriculum, and last week we finished up our unit on whales and dolphins. We did an illustration in our driveway showing how large different whales are. Here is Caitlyn standing by the line for her favorite whale, the Orca.

The largest whale, the blue whale, went all the way down the full length of our driveway.

Caitlyn really enjoyed this activity, and was thrilled the ran held off and it actually stayed in our driveway for a couple of days.

Dolphins and whales are marine mammals, and they are both part of family Cetacean. Dolphins are well known for their echolocation. We investigated how sounds returning to you from various materials sound different.

We also watched Dolphin Tale and Free Willy. Caitlyn really liked Dolphin Tale, and afterwards we went to the website, and watched the real Winter. I planned on reading Island of the Blue Dolphin during this time period, but I’m still waiting on it from the library.

July 2016 – weeks two and three

Science, science, and more science

This first experiment was just an add on for Caitlyn, and had nothing to do with our science curriculum for the year. Which is a good thing since the experiment was a flop, in theory the vinegar egg was supposed to bounce. It was still kind of neat to see the change in the two eggs after soaking one in water and one in vinegar.

Day 1

Day 4

Look at the shell coming off the vinegar egg

Day 10

The vinegar egg that splatted, and the water egg with the broken shell

Two experiments in one day, she was thrilled. 

This experiment was demonstrating what happens to a human lung under pressure, like diving in the ocean. It was hard to see even in person, but this experiment did actual work.

Finally we did an experiment on deep water currents, and how cold water mixes with hot water. Our cold (ice water) was yellow, and the hot water was blue. Caitlyn took these photos, she’s working on a photography badge for AHG.

You can see the green staying at the bottom

I don’t have any photos from week 3. Major happening were an attempt to make nan for our history study. It was nan-edible! Also Leia was suspended from school.