Week 3 of First Grade

Our most interesting work and most of my photos centered around our history study this week. We began studying Ancient Egypt with the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt and the Myth of Osiris and Set.


When we focused on the Lower and Upper kingdoms of Egypt, we made the crowns of the White King, the Red King, and the Double Crown. The White Crown belonged to the king of Upper Egypt, and the Red Crown was the King of Lower Egypt. When Namer united the two kingdoms he wore the Double Crown.

Caitlyn making the crown and her best mean white king face.

 A serious Double Crown King face.

When we studied the Myth of Osiris and Set. Caitlyn colored a depiction of the myth. We also read another library book on the Myths and discussed how the Myths often conflicted with each other and how the Egyptians believed in many false Gods, and not the one true God.

We also tried eating flat breads this week like the ancient Egyptians. Caitlyn was a big fan of the pita bread.


We continued our other studies and finished reading the chapter book Peter Pan this week. Caitlyn has also found renewed interest in her Tag books. I think she likes that she can “on her own” read more difficult books.

This week we also participated in a couple of activities. We met another homeschool family and tested out the new splash pad and played at the park for PE one day. Caitlyn also attended a great week long bible study hosted by another homeschool friend.



Second Week of First Grade

 We made it to week two, and I’m actually posting about it!

This is another one of our daily activities, Caitlyn likes standing on the table to do it.

We really began our study of Ancient History this week. The first lesson was on nomads and the the transition to farming. The first  two timeline cards were for the building of the Jericho Wall and the development of farming at the Fertile Crescent.

In addition to the Story of the World text we read You Wouldn’t Want to be a Mammoth Hunter and Little Grunt and the Big Egg. She water colored an early farmer with a shaduf while I did some of the reading. We also explored Stone Age tools online and viewed Lascaux online. After viewing this art work by nomads, Caitlyn got to make her own psuedo cave painting.

 I put up some crinkled paper to simulate a rocky texture. 

Caitlyn painted a unicorn like we had seen in the Lascaux cave. This was probably her favorite part of our studies this week.

We continued reading Peter Pan and I had a Tic Toc Croc greater than less than work sheet that went right along with her math workbook. In the picture, Caitlyn was showing me her chomp face!

We also continued our using Spelling Workout, First Language Lessons, and Writing With Ease. All of our writing text this week came from Peter Pan.

That’s about it for week two, stay tuned for more!

First Week of First Grade

This chart welcomes us into the schoolroom everyday. After Caitlyn updates it we head to our table and go through her daily notebook. This notebook covers core information about her, time, money, weather, and days of the week.  We use it each day and focus on different areas.

Every year during the first week, we have a tradition of listing out Caitlyn’s favorite things to see how they change through the years. This year we added a self portrait and a ribbon marking her height, which were sealed in a time capsule. We want to bury it soon to retrieve it at high school graduation.

This year for the first time we are studying history. I am in love with our history text, Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. It approaches history chronologically, and after four years we will have studied the whole history of the world. This approach makes so much more sense to me than the scattered and non-cohesive way I studied history in school. We are also using the history as our core study and spinning off other activities from it.

This week was the intro to history which included exploring personal and family history, and learning about how history is studied by archaeologists and historians. Caitlyn and I interviewed Daddy and Mimi this week, and we want to continue interviewing others to learn about our family history. She also really enjoyed making a timeline of her life thus far.

We found one book at the library to add on to our history study this week and that was Archaeologists dig for clues by Kate Duke.  While we were reading the book I went over what a timeline looks like and showed how far back 6000 BC was. Caitlyn really enjoyed watching The Magic School Bus episode on Archaeology as well.

This week we finished up the Berenstain Bears and the Perfect Crime chapter book we have been working on and started reading Peter Pan. Caitlyn was very excited about reading Peter Pan and we have done a few add ons for it.

Caitlyn really enjoys bringing babies into school with her, and I try to put it to use by having her reteach concepts we have gone over. Here she was teaching Baby to count by twos.

Caitlyn also practiced reading through out the week, and we started all of our other curriculum as well.

All in all it was a good first week of first grade!

First Grade

I can’t believe we have made it to First Grade! Here are some shots of my beautiful first grader on our second day of school (first day just wasn’t happening this year). Baby joined us for school so she got into a picture or two with her matching dress.

In the schoolroom:

Curriculum for First Grade

First Grade

Here is an overview of our curriculum for this year:

  • Math – Horizon 1
  • Language Arts – Writing with Ease, First Language Lessons, and Spelling Work Out
  • Science – Nature Study
  • History – Story of the World

We are taking a very classical approach to learning, and using many of the resources out lined in the Well Trained Mind by S. Bauer. Art and music will be add ons.