What would you pack?

On February 8th we were studying WWII, and how children in London were sent by train to the English countryside. I reminded her about the journeys like this that we have read about in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and our current read aloud, The War That Saved My Life (which is excellent by the way). I told Caitlyn that we were going to pretend we were living in London in WWII.

Once pretending, I told her that I had decided to evacuate her to keep her safe, and that the training was coming and we had to leave soon. I gave her a suitcase and backpack that she could carry on her own, and told her she only had five minutes to pack.

  • one bra
  • five pairs of underwear
  • a hankerchief
  • one pair of socks
  • one night gown
  • two play/sleep tshirts
  • two pairs of shorts play/sleep
  • one pair of leggings
  • two shirts (one short sleeve and one long sleeve)
  • her phone and kindle
  • her favorite book
  • a notebook
  • a diary
  • a pencil
  • some snacks for the train ride

After the five minutes was up we evaluated her choices. I was really surprised by her clothing choices, because she is normally very picky and this was not anything she would normally be seen in. She explained that she was trying to get the most things and not be picky, because it was an emergency. We also talked about other things she might need: medicine; toiletries; water; flashlight; and shoes. Then we talked about things she might have wished she had: photos; a charger for her phone/kindle (she was thinking similar situation now and not about the fact these things didn’t exist then); a stuffed animal for comfort; clothes she actually likes; and colored pencils (she moved them to get other things and had plenty of room in her backpack for them).

Overall, I thought she did a pretty good job in a short period of time.