Archives Field Trip

Today we had a great field trip to the Alabama Department of Archives and History. We visited the early Alabamians Exhibit and the Hands on Area, Grandma’s Attic. We will have to go back soon to see Alabama Voices their new exhibit. It was brief but informative, and the kids all enjoyed the play area.

Caitlyn paired up with her buddy Sarah, and stuck with her through out the field trip.

I’m so thankful that Caitlyn not only has friends in our homeschool groups, but also incredible role models to look up to.

We also saw a few fun things in the play area. They had an Animal Muppet and a typewriter like in Flora and Ulysses.

April Wrap Up

We had a lot going on in April and I’ve already done several posts, but I had a few miscellaneous things I wanted to post.

Caitlyn is doing a little better with her test taking and she happened to take a math and history test on the same date and got 100s on both.

We continued to do some add on activities for history as well. Caitlyn enjoyed when we studied India and discussed that they were the first people to wear make-up and nail polish. So we painted nails for fun too.

She also performed her ballet at a nursing home in April before their big recital.


Easter Study

This year we did a great new Easter study called Sense of the Resurrection. It was written by the same person who did the fantastic Christmas study we have been doing, and we really enjoyed this as well.

It was 12 days of activities that invoked each of the senses and encouraged a better understanding of the death of Jesus Christ and the events leading up to it.

Here were some of the highlights:

Making a wind chime

Caitlyn thought the foot washing was silly

The cellophane cross was both of our favorites!

We made resurrection rolls again, as a symbol of the tomb.

Mooseum Field Trip

On November 17th I facilitated a field trip for the first time to the Alabama Cattleman Association’s Mooseum.

The field trip started off a little rocky, with everyone else showing up late and Caitlyn getting antsy. She is her mother’s daughter after all.

Once everyone got there and we got started, it got a little better. It improved tremendously when we went into the hands-on play area. The kids all got weighed and found out they equaled a 4 month old calf.

Then they were set free to play. After a photo opp Caitlyn headed to the dress up area.

One of the other mom’s kindly took a picture of us girls. The next stop was to check out the rodeo barrel. Later the kids were running circles around it!

Finally we visited the kitchen and Caitlyn made a couple of friends (and a huge hamburger).

We briefly visited their gift shop and formal exhibits. All in all it was worth doing once and an interesting experience.