Wizard of Oz

Caitlyn and I had a wonderful time reading the Wizard of Oz and doing all the activities I had planned to go along with it.

We were blessed with a copy of the book and these incredible dolls to go along with the book from my parents. Caitlyn used the dolls to retell the story over and over again.

She also explored tornadoes to go along with the book. She made a pastel picture and actual got her hands a little dirty doing it. She also made a cyclone in a bottle. It was hard to capture in a picture, but she enjoyed the experiment.

We also followed the yellow brick road of the story, and did our first in depth character mapping.

This was probably our favorite activity and I love how well it turned out. Caitlyn thought¬†painting the poppies with celery and pom poms was funny (she just didn’t like the smell of the celery).

When we finished the book we watched the movie and completed a comparison contrast of the two. We both loved reading this book together for the first time, and Caitlyn also loves the movie and has watched over and over again.


Club Days

Last year Caitlyn participated in Lego Club and loved it. This year club day has expanded and there are some other options available. We started off the year with Caitlyn signed up for Lego Club and STEM.

STEM is a team effort building challenge and science exploration. The first week they were challenged to build a structure out of spaghetti noodles and marshmallows. Caitlyn hung with her group and tried to make it work, but close to the end I slid that way to snap a quick picture and as soon as she saw me I saw her true emotion.

She was miserable.

She was defeated

She was not having fun.

I know the value of challenge, and adversity. This was not worth the heart ache though. There are more appropriate places and ways for her to learn team work. So, before we left that day I had her signed up for the other club occurring at the same time as STEM.

At the next meeting she was able to enjoy all of club day. She came home with an adorable puppet from Arts and Crafts AND a smile!