Publix Field Trip

Ok so I wasn’t sure about a Publix field trip, since we “field trip” to the grocery store once a week, but this was a real one. It included other homeschoolers, props, snacks, and information a plenty.

Caitlyn was on board until they handed out the hair nets, and then she was ready to leave. I convinced her to stay, and she was rewarded by a stop at the bakery.

They started by demonstrating how to decorate cakes, went over the baked breads, and then all the kiddos got to sample a cookie. Caitlyn picked a purple sprinkled sugar cookie and it was her favorite part of the field trip.

They walked us through each of the departments and interacted amazingly well with the kids.

Caitlyn enjoyed being with the other kids once she got brave enough to leave my side (unfortunately she didn’t know anyone when we got there). She said her least favorite part was the freezer in the back that felt like “10,000 ice cubes on me”.

They ended the tour by letting all the kids check out an item or two of their choice. Caitlyn loved this too!

All in all the field trip was a hit.

100 Days

We made it to 100 days of school!!!

Caitlyn made a poster complete with 100 things that she counted out herself to decorate our door.

To celebrate I let her choose some of her favorite activities as add-ons to our school day. Of course one of those choices was painting. I really loved her color mixing!

Library play

I know I have been lax on my blog posts. I have also been lax on my picture taking, but I have some pictures and a few posts to share! I promise we have been homeschooling this whole time it’s just mostly been repetitive and tedious (I’m already planning for next year and I’m really excited about what it holds. It should have more post worthy moments).

Anyway, on this day, like many others, Caitlyn decided to play library AND I brought my camera along.

First – she opened the library.

Second – she gathered her guests and handed out the supplies.

Third – SHE read us all a story.

Finally – she asked questions about the story and wrote down our answers.