Lego Club Party

Lego Club has been one of our highlights this year. It has been great making friends, presenting, and of course playing with Legos. While our school year still has about another month to go, we wrapped up Lego Club for the year with a party.

The kids played games and watched a Lego Movie, Jericho. Everyone had a great time, and we can’t wait to get back next year.

Mini Experiment

Caitlyn and I did a mini experiment. It captures what I missed in the volcano experiment since I didn’t have video ready for that. The reaction was not quite as big this time since it was only vinegar and baking soda (no dish soap).

Here is the video with her prediction and the initial reactions. 

She really enjoyed getting to mix and play with everything herself; she’s getting so big and capable!

Her biggest surprise was that when the colors mixed it looked brown, but when she was helping me clean up the experiment and we added water it looked purple. All in all it was a great little activity.



Ladies and gentleman start your…chariots.

Recently, we studied ancient Rome and part of that study was the gladiators and the chariot races. Logically Caitlyn and I developed our own chariots and had a race. I went traditional (only seen in video) and Caitlyn modernized and enhanced her chariot.

Her version had a back for safety and wings for speed. Sven approves and is ready to race!

After decorating it had a lot of controls for Sven to operate.

They think they can handle it though.

Here is a VIDEO of Caitlyn talking about our study and the actual chariot race. Please excuse the camera angle I went for capturing the chariots and that meant not much of our bodies during the race.

This was Caitlyn’s victory lap!


Other March History Studies

In March we did a couple of mini activities to go along with our history studies. Please excuse my phone photos in this post. My phone was right there (and I went for easy over quality).

When we studied the Ancient Americas part of the unit was about the Nazcas, and the incredible Nazca lines. To simulate making a drawing without being able to really see what you were doing on a much smaller scale we drew on white paper with white crayons. Then to reveal our artwork we water colored over them.

After that we shifted back towards Europe and began studying Ancient Rome, and we wore Togas!

Our study of ancient Rome continued with a great project that I can’t wait to share.

Lego Club Game

The Lego Club Game Day was such a hit in the fall that we decided to do it again. This time Caitlyn took the lead and designed her Lego structure and came up with the rules all by herself. Here is a video of her showing it off.

These were her instructions:

Lego Queen or King of the Mountain

(up to 2 players)

  1. Choose a minifigure
  2. Youngest goes first
  3. Roll the die and move that many steps up the mountain
  4. If you land on the base of the ladder climb to the top
  5. To  reach the top of the mountain you must roll the exact number you need
  6. First to the top wins 



Here is Dallon, isn’t he adorable, playing Caitlyn’s game at Lego Club.

Here is Caitlyn with George, Julianna, and Taylor playing some of the other Lego games.

The kids all had a great time, and afterwards we went to the park for a bit with all of our friends.


Science Experiment Flop

I kept seeing a “simple” experiment to make a rainbow in a jar that I though Caitlyn would enjoy. I evidently did a bad job of picking liquids that wouldn’t take color so our rainbow wasn’t so colorful. Also the viscosity (weight) of our specific liquids must have been slightly off from the instructions due to brand differences or whatever because some of our liquids blended.

Here is what we started with:

Caitlyn helped measure out and pour each of the liquids

She also helped with coloring, or attempting to color the liquids. She really enjoyed not being able to color the oil and the way the color separated within it.

Unfortunately neither of us were impressed by the results:

Oh well! We still learned about viscosity so not all was lost.