Week 2

Caitlyn always has a fabulous time on her Monday mornings with Mimi, and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher to have during that time. They don’t follow any curricula, but I’m always amazed at what they do. This week I came home to a princess curled up in her Mimi’s lap, and reading a how to book about being a princess.

I tried to incorporate a new student into our school room this week, but so far Leia is a homeschool failure.

In history this week, Caitlyn studied the Spanish conquistadors. We did a couple of projects to enhance her learning. She made doubloons, and then we used them for the mining project. She had a lot of fun trying to figure out a support structure and digging out her mine. It was messy fun, and she actually enjoyed it!

For zoology, she did an experiment that helped with learning about camouflage and natural selection. This is her searching the habitat (construction paper) for the animals (matching colored M&Ms). She hypothesized that she would find more brown M&Ms, because she could see one before we started. At the end of her allotted time, she found less brown M&Ms than anything else. She realized that this was because they blended with the box as well as the construction paper.

We also read together a cute book that went over some of the animal group names. Her favorite was the raft of otters.

Finally, because Caitlyn hates writing and I am awesome, I made her copy work with Gilmore Girl quotes.

Kicking off 3rd Grade

We had a busy, but good first week of Third Grade. On Monday, I went to work for a few hours like always and we did our first day of school activities. One of my favorite first day of school traditions is having her fill out a sheet documenting her favorite things. This year these were her answers:

  • Best Friend: Sarah
  • Favorite Thing to Play: Munchkin Treasure Hunt
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Book: Anna and Elsa All Hail the Queen
  • Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls
  • Favorite Food: Macaroni and Cheese
  • When I grow up, I want to: homeschool my kids
  • Something I really like: Horseback riding
  • Something I really don’t like: Corn
  • My favorite thing about myself: heart, brains, and courage (like in the Wizard of Oz)
  • Something I really want to do this year: Read 200 books

Caitlyn helped make pancakes to celebrate 1st day of school, and we just love the 3rd grade!

Student and Teacher

On Tuesday, she had an excellent appointment with her asthma doctor, and we went to the library.

Caitlyn did the best kind of math at the dr office. I love seeing her healthier!

Wednesday daddy stayed home, because the contractor was coming to look at our roof. We ended up taking a break midday to eat lunch and run errands with him.

On Thursday, we were actually home all day and I actually got everything back into our school room closet from where we had emptied it for the contractor.

Trying out Dance Mat Typing

Finally on Friday, we had “social interaction” with our friends the Days.

Playing Zooreeka

So, far Caitlyn seems to be enjoying our new science class, Zoology, the most. She was already picking out some new career choices she might pursue working with animals. We did all of our subjects this week, except history, which we start next week.