Homeschool Activities

Caitlyn was thrilled to start back to ballet this year. She was even more thrilled to have her best friend in her class, and to keep her amazing teachers from last year. She has moved out of the “wee” classes and into basic ballet, which means bar work!

Caitlyn also started PE, which she was less enthusiastic about, but was happy once she found some people she knew. The first week they played ice breakers, which Caitlyn enjoyed. Afterwards she was telling me about it and she said “I don’t think I know some things most kids know”. I asked her what she meant and she said “Well, we played this game called rock, paper, scissors and everyone else knew what it was”. Oops! We have been playing it since then occasionally.

The picture is from before the 2nd class we got to go to. She was pumped, despite not wanting to wear gym clothes, and enjoyed the kickball and tag immensely.

Fairy Tale

In history we recently learned about Endiku and Gilgamesh, one of the earliest recorded fairy tales or fables. One of the extension activities was to make your own fairy tale. Caitlyn stuck with familiar characters, but combined them into her own story:

Once upon a time, Jasmine Pocahontas Aurora and Belle lost their colors in their castles. So they all met up and said ” I lost my colors in my castle”. Then Rapunzel came and said “my colors are lost in my castle just like everybody else. ” But they could call the other princesses and see if they had the same problem. So then they called Merida, Sophia, and Cinderella, and they said their colors were missing too!

Merida took charge of the problem, because she thought Mordu ruined the rainbow. She had a plan to fix everything. She asked if anyone had friends at one of the castles. Belle said I have friends at the castle named Chip, Mrs Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Beast. They will help us. Belle went back to her castle and said “Come with me! Merida needs your help for her plan to get the colors back to the castle.”

Merida and the other princesses collected objects that were the colors of the rainbow. Then when an empty rainbow appeared the put the objects in and the rainbow colors came back. Then they lived happily ever after. 

Here is the accompanying art work and the author/illustrator:

Lego Club

I wasn’t sure  exactly what Lego club would be, other than an opportunity to make and be around friends, when I first signed Caitlyn up for it. Caitlyn has made some really sweet friends, but it has also challenged her and it has been a great learning experience.Over our past few meetings Caitlyn has had to present in small groups, build challenges creatively, and this week she her first ever group presentation.

Game Week

This week everyone built ahead of time and brought a game to share and play with the group. We divided in half based on age and they played each others games. Caitlyn brought a maze that she worked very hard to build for about two weeks. There were a couple of mazes, but her’s was the only one with a covered section.

She enjoyed trying the different games with her friend Anna.


 Balloon Cars

The next week everyone was challenged to make a balloon powered vehicle during club with their Legos. The older kids did a great job of helping the younger ones when it was needed, and everyone made really great vehicles. Here is Caitlyn’s creation and her trying to blow up a balloon:

To see her balloon car in action click here.


This week Lego club was a relaxed free build, but Caitlyn has volunteered to bring a build from home and do a presentation on it. She chose to bring her Batman Legos and she overcame her nerves and presented confidently. She’s a little hard to hear, but it’s still sweet. Click here to check it out.

During free build she made bleachers