Team Based Field Day

In October, we had a team based field day with our homeschool group. Caitlyn was also able to have two bonus cheerleaders watching her since, Aunt Kathy and Mimi came to watch.

She had a little incident at the beginning, and almost had to leave because she was refusing to apologize. Her friend George helped her to manage the apology, and she did excellent after that.

Caitlyn getting in trouble at the begining

They started off with a balloon race, and I think this was Caitlyn’s favorite event. She loved being paired up with her friend Anna, and they did an excellent job.

Caitlyn and Anna 2

Their team ended up winning this race. Caitlyn had so much fun cheering her friends on. I think she enjoyed that more than competing.

Winning the first game

Her least favorite was probably the water race, but they were all so cute doing it.

Anna with Water gameCaitlyn with water gameGeorge with water game

I don’t know many people that can pose for pictures while potato sack racing.

Caitlyn posing and jumping

The best part is just getting to spend time with our fabulous friends.

Anna, Caitlyn, and George

Anna and Caitlyn