Thanksgiving 2014

This November we did a thankful turkey. This is one of my favorite traditions that we have done every year. Each school day Caitlyn wrote something she was thankful for and added it to her turkey.

It’s hard to read, but she said she was thankful for: Mom, Dad, God, Jesus, Mimi, Papa, Grandpa Rudy, Nana, Grandma Bath, Memaw, Uncle Glen, Sarah Day, Friends, and Faith.

She was also assigned a project to design a turkey disguise and complete it on her own. She did a really good job of not stressing out, for the most part, and actually working independently on her turkey.


Dreamfield Farms Pumpkin Patch

For October, I planned a field trip for our homeschool grip to Dreamfield Farms Pumpkin Patch. Caitlyn and I have been here before multiple times, but previously it was always with Cristy and Will. It was strange being there without them, but we still had a really good time.

The adventure started on our, never-ending, drive with the Days who were sweet enough to lets us carpool with them again. We eventually saw a sign and made it to the pumpkin patch, the directions were WRONG.

I found our group that was there already and went and got our tickets and paid for the group. Then we picnicked and completed activities at the top of the farm until it was time for out hay ride to the pumpkins.

Petting Zoo:

Cow train (which I got to skip riding thanks to Sarah Jo, Caitlyn’s BFF):

Seriously she is Caitlyn’s Bestie:

Then we finally made our way to picking out our pumpkins. We had a great time looking an playing around.

We ended by making our own butter and the kiddos had a cow milking race:

Everyone seemed to enjoy the trip, and maybe next year we will remember how to get there if we go back!

Lego Shoebox Presentation

Caitlyn decided to make her Lego shoe box based on the book Flora and Ulysses, which she loved. It was an assignment for Lego Club, and she also had to speak about it. Scoring was based on the shoe box itself, speech, and the writing assignment.

This was her pre-written speech:

My book is Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamilo.

Flora rescues a squirrel from her neighbor’s vacuum, and names him Ulysses. Once Flora gets Ulysses home she starts to realize he has super powers like her favorite comic book character.

Ulysses is super strong, can fly, and he types. So they can communicate.

Flora’s mom finds Ulysses and gives Flora’s dad, George, the job of getting rid of him. In this scene they are going to George’s apartment when Mr Klaus, a mean cat, attacks him. Ulysses flies in to the rescue. He picks the cat up, swings him around, and sends him flying. After that Flora’s Dad wasn’t getting rid of Ulysses.

Flora and Ulysses returned to their home, but her mom took Ulysses to get rid of him herself. You’ll have to read the book yourself to find out how it ends.

She did an excellent job speaking and ended up winning second place!