July Wrap Up

Caitlyn got much better with her swimming by the end of summer. Click here to see her at one of her last lessons.

We are getting into more of a rhythm and the routine of 2nd grade is falling into place. History is always more interesting when there is a good activity to accompany it (and a love story never hurts). Here is the puppet version of the story of Theodora and Justinian; followed by photos of the puppeteer creating them and using them.

Our language unit is focused on verbs right now and we did some cute activities with using the state of being verbs and linking our linking verbs. There is also a little song we sing that helps with the memorization.

We are continuing our astronomy unit and Caitlyn has got the planets down in order.

At the request of the visiting fairy Silvermist we made time to do some snap circuits, which Caitlyn absolutely loves.


On July 17th we were able to go on a filed trip of sorts. A sweet college friend of mine offered to let us come out to her home to visit. Caitlyn was thrilled about going, because Michelle has horses.

I have never seen Caitlyn open up to anyone as quickly as she did to Michelle. I would like to give all the credit to my wonderful friend, who I think could have one Caitlyn over on her own, but I think standing in a field of horses she looked amazing to Caitlyn!

Michelle did an excellent job of talking Caitlyn through everything and we learned so much during our one morning at the stables. Did you know horses wear sunblock? Our friend Shine does to protect his white nose.

Caitlyn also learned about how to walk around a horse, and how to tell one to back up if it’s invading your space 😉  Kahlo was very patient and sweet with Caitlyn as she learned.

Michelle went even further by blessing Caitlyn with an opportunity to try out riding. She was a little apprehensive, but she did a great job following instruction and listening to what Michelle was telling her.

I think she just might have fallen in love today, and I can’t wait to take her back.