Ok, so I set up this new blog so that I could use Caitlyn’s name and post actual pictures of her in school. Guess what?              I didn’t take any pictures last week or so far this week. Oh well.

School continues, Caitlyn is doing well. I will update more after our trip next week.

Kindergarten Continues

Over the last three weeks we have gotten a lot done. Homeschooling has been such a blessing with everything we’ve had going on. Caitlyn has been sick off and on, and it’s nice to be able to do school when she’s well/able and not have to worry about what she is missing. In fact, today she asked for school for the first time all week, which told me HOW much better she was feeling. Luckily I also had a break planned before our upcoming trip, that we will now be working through.

Daily Routine:
Another thing I love about homeschooling is how relaxed we get to be. Here are some looks at how Caitlyn came to school:
Reading and Writing:
We continued the same Word Wall system, and did a few new activities:
She enjoyed making Word Art – 
Rainbow writing – 
Playdoh words is a recurring favorite –
Caitlyn absolutely loves the Raising Rockstars curriculum. She has done a really good job with memorizing her verses each week. She is also making great progress on learning the 10 Commandments.
She also LOVES using my laptop!
Caitlyn is still plugging along with her math work; perimeter is a new concept.
Here are a couple of reminder sheets that we have up for concepts we are working on:
Recently we went over Pop Art, and Andy Warhol. Caitlyn really liked looking at all the different art work examples. She painted a sample of his famous Campbell’s Can
Caitlyn has really enjoyed studying Japan and India. Her favorite part of the week is when we discuss the animals native to each country. I have been focusing more on learning about the animals this year, and the classifications.
Caitlyn also enjoys painting the flag each week, and she is now learning more about what the flags represent.
This experiment or “experience” was another hit, and we actually completed it multiple times. Caitlyn was amazed by the water being sucked up into the glass.
She also really enjoyed completing the accompanying worksheet.
Caitlyn had been eyeing the bag of story cubes ever since I brought them home. She was thrilled when I let her get them out and inspect them. We took turns rolling the dice and telling stories. It was a great add on activity.